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How to get more involved with 22KILL

Volunteer with 22KILL

As a small nonprofit 22KILL are always looking for volunteers who are willing to offer their time, knowledge, and/or resources. Volunteering can include participating in events and projects, providing professional services for veterans and their families, or raising money to support VSOs.

22KILL has a large network of other nonprofit organizations, and is continually involved in various community service projects and veteran-based events.

Join 22KILL’s Advocate Program:

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In an effort to delegate responsibility, maintain accountability, give credit, and further extend our reach, we are working on a level system for anyone who wants to support 22KILL.

How involved do you want to be?

Level 1: Supporter

  1. Wears the Honor Ring
  2. Understands the 22KILL Mission

Level 2: Battle Buddy/Volunteer

  1. Register through the app or use the form below
  2. Volunteer at 22KILL events and community projects

Level 3: Veterans’ Advocate

  1. Research and identify 3 local Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)
    1. Use the internet (Google, Social media, etc)
    2. Networking
    3. Ask the VA and other veterans
  2. Make contact with the VSOs
    1. Call or email
    2. Schedule a site visit (if applicable)
  3. Gather Intel on VSOs:
    1. Website address
    2. Email
    3. Phone
    4. Best Point of Contact (if applicable)
    5. VSO’s Mission Statement
    6. VSO’s current needs; veterans, volunteers, funding, furniture, equipment, etc?
    7. Upcoming events?
  4. Register the 3 identified organizations with 22KILL by emailing our team with this information –
  5. Be the liaison
  6. Be on “standby” for communication from 22KILL to facilitate a connection with a veteran in your Area of Operation (AO) seeking assistance

Level 4: Active Veterans’ Advocate – Actively working on driving more awareness and education to other veterans and general public

  1. organize and host at least 1 annual 22KILL event
  2. Attend veteran-centric events at least quarterly
  3. Raise $5,000 annually for 22KILL

Level 5: Veterans’ Advocate and Ring Ambassador – Actively working on driving more awareness and education to other veterans and general public

  1. organize and host at least 1 annual 22KILL event
  2. Attend veteran-centric events at least quarterly
  3. Raise more than $10,000 annually for 22KILL


  • Have a genuine love and respect for veterans and all active military members. You do not have to be a veteran.
  • Have a cell phone, and be willing to take calls/texts at any time from a veteran wanting to talk

You do not have to be a trained professional to help someone in need. You don’t have to be a veteran to empathize with their situation. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to because they feel alone and unheard by those who are closest to them.  They may feel too ashamed to reach out for help from their friends and family and can benefit from speaking to an anonymous individual.  By not feeling judged, they can feel more comfortable about opening up and and talking about their situation.


As a Battle Buddy, you will have a profile listed in our public app, and anyone will be able to find you and call you if they want to talk. Your commitment is to simply be someone who cares and to listen if a veteran ever calls. That’s it. Don’t judge; don’t push. Just having someone to talk to who genuinely cares and will listen can make a substantial difference. If you do feel there is a crisis, you can call 911 or have someone else call.

We understand that not everyone may be comfortable with being a Battle Buddy. There are other ways you can help as a Veterans’ Advocate. We encourage you to join Team 22KILL in connecting and growing the veteran support system. Become a volunteer for our events and community projects, and share this page with your network of friends, family, and every veteran you know.

Join Team 22KILL

We greatly appreciate your support and willingness to become a Veterans’ Advocate. By signing up, you will be added to the Virtual Map Application.

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This system is integrated with Facebook, which is recommended but not required. If you do not have a Facebook account, or choose not to use it, please fill out the form below & our admin team will manually integrate your data into the application.

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*By not registering through Facebook, you will not have access to view Advocates' contact information, Events and Resources. For full access, please login through the app with your Facebook account. Regardless, your information will still be available to anyone to view. 

*Please note that we are currently in the process of redesigning our website, including rebuilding the map application. Registrations will still be accepted, however we will not be adding anymore advocates to the map until everything is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience.